Kofola Group successful in the first six months of the year

13.08. 2018

Kofola Group increased all economic indicators in the first six months of the year. The Group´s sales rose by 7 %, without taking the Polish segment into account, and by 1.9 % including this segment. The EBIT indicator value rose even by 113.7 %, the EBITDA indicator rose by 25.9 %. Apart from higher sales, Kofola reports that the investors were paid the highest dividends in the history of the group and that they want to continue with this responsive policy in the future.

Kofola Group successful in the first six months of the year

 “Warm weather and also lower prices of sugar helped us achieve a very good profit even despite higher investments in the wage costs, which the current situation on the labour market requires.” says Daniel Buryš, the CFO of Kofola Group and adds: “Apart from the profit, I´m also glad that we were successful in the area of expanding the business. Through the purchase of a traditional Czech company LEROS we entered the market with herbs and we also added Slovak mineral water Kláštorná to our portfolio.”

The powerhouse of the first six months of the year was the Czech Republic with year-on-year sales higher by 8.9 %, namely thanks to the demand for Kofola, Rauch and Vinea brands. In Slovakia Kofola achieved an increase by 4.1 %, where Rajec was one of the most favourite brands. The biggest year-on-year growth in the portfolio was achieved by UGO brand, which rose its sales by a quarter. In Poland the group reported a drop by 19.3 %, where the drop was reported in the private brands´ segment, while own brands keep stable position.

Traditionally, the Adriatic region was successful. “We rose by 6.6 %. We were successful in Croatia, where the year-on-year sales increased by 16 %, which also motivates us to invest more into the marketing activities in this region” says Marián Šefčovič, the CEO of the Radenska company.

In the first six months of the year the group paid their shareholders a dividend of CZK 16.20 per share, which is the highest amount in its whole history. Today, the General Meeting approved the reduction of the registered capital, which shall enable the group to guarantee responsive dividend policy in the future.

“This season is well above expectations.” Daniel Buryš speaks highly of the current development and continues: “Therefore we are going to update our outlook on the year-end results after the third quarter.”